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biubiuVPN is a user-friendly, smooth, secure and private VPN service that provides 24/7 private Internet access without logging your browsing history, selling your data to third parties, or restricting downloads. It protects all your connected devices from being tracked and provides complete online security and freedom, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions and access the world’s content with just one click.biubiuVPN it’s a completely trusted app.we encrypt your network activity and hide your Ip address.We never log.track,or share your network data.

biubiuVPN is a fully trusted application. We encrypt your network activities and hide your IP address. We never log on. Track or share your network data. The PC version is now live.

biubiuVPN offers the following features and benefits:

Split Tunneling (Android)

With Split Tunneling, you have more control over your Internet traffic and can optimize your online experience. You can choose which apps to route through the VPN and which to access directly. Selected apps will use the VPN network for added security and privacy, while unselected apps will use the local network for faster connection speeds.

Multi-hop mode

This feature encrypts and forwards data through multiple server nodes to prevent data eavesdropping and tracking, and effectively hides your real IP address and location, providing further security and freedom for users to access the Internet.

Private Servers

Each user gets a fixed IP4 address, guaranteeing personalized and uninterrupted access to the network and avoiding illegal intrusions and cyber threats. Enjoy a new level of Internet freedom and security with biubiuVPN, allowing you to surf the Internet without worry.

Streaming Media Acceleration

Helps users overcome geographic restrictions, network censorship and privacy protection, allowing them to access any content globally. For countries with poor internet access, using biubiuVPN can significantly increase the speed of cross-border access.

Ultimate Privacy

biubiuVPN ensures that your data is secure and never tracks or stores what you are doing online. It also provides the security of public Wi-Fi and allows you to browse the Internet privately, without anyone knowing which sites you visit.

Fast VPN server network

biubiuVPN offers a fast VPN server network that lets you choose the most suitable VPN server in your country or region. It provides bulletproof protection for your data without sacrificing speed.

No hassle

Connecting to biubiuVPN is easy and hassle-free, it only requires two steps: downloading and connecting. Connection logs are only stored locally and are not synced to the server.

24/7 customer support

VPN Review

The number of free servers of this filter breaker is very limited after its latest update and its speed has decreased very much and it is rarely able to open Instagram pages and upload and download photos and posts. Please take care of this issue. Thankful

The app crashes after the last update. Please fix this issue. Thanks for the great VPN app. (Samsung Galaxy Note 4 / Android 6.0.1)

The overall experience is good theres a lot of ads but it works just fine if they could add more servers like Indian server that would be great

Well it was good while it lasted… unfortunately it doesn’t connect anymore 🙁 It would be great if you could solve the problem of the app getting blocked in certain regions.

This is the best program. I have used it from those who use this program. My experience is that you should buy its premium version and experience maximum speed and security. Good luck with your own dedicated server.

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